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Education is as a transfer and presentation of information, which can be experiental, effective and successful. Our ideas and development supports these goals.

Educational softwares

Thanks to the new approach our softwares are characterized by simple and logical configuration and ease of use. Students can now truly participate in digital education.


Extended reality

Trend and spectacular! It can turn everything picturesque and exciting. The subject and complexity of the displayed content is tailored to the customer's needs. Anything can be made visible, even during operation, such as a beating heart.

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To everyone who wants to make their lecture more spectacular. Take your lightweight, easy-to- use remote control-sized interactive device! There is no need for any special devices, a D-Board and a traditional projection screen or a white wall is enough and you can work on an interactive surface.


Drone and 360° records

We are committed to creating aerial photos / videos and 360 ° images across the country. It is unimaginable from angles and altitudes through the Phantom 4 drone capable of capturing images of 14 megapixels of 140 ° and full HD / 4K images.

Drone 360° photos


To teach is as much as to show the opportunity.
To learn is to live the opportunity.

As an innovative company, we respect tradition and shape the future.

The secret of our success and success is that although we are ready to offer solutions, we do the concrete development jointly with the customer from the first steps. So we can satisfy your partners needs in every case! Our offering enables full pedagogical renewal. We offer solutions not just "just" but also hardware and methodology to ensure success.

Our offering enables full pedagogical renewal. We are not only "software" solutions, but also hardware and methodology to be successful. All content is prepared according to the needs and expectations of the relevant teacher.


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